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About the Author

For all the Bootcampers who have attended our workshops and training courses; thanks for your support and encouraging the birth of this book

Sue Read is a former elite athlete who has competed nationally and internationally in weightlifting as well as athletics (discus and javelin), gaining several titles and records – that still have not been broken! She was also a member of the Australian National Women’s soccer team – the Matildas – and played as a Goal Keeper. In life after sport, Sue is a Psychologist who founded a successful psychology and consulting company: “Life Unlimited Health Solutions” in Canberra, Australia. She has delivered “Bootcamp for the Brain” to thousands of people in workshops and seminars all over Australia and overseas.

About Bootcamp for the Brain

Are you stressed and tired? Feel like you can’t handle any more change? Awake at night worrying about stuff you have no control over? Are coffee, chocolate and wine your best friends? Do you have 500 Facebook friends but don’t know when you last caught up with a real live buddy? Can’t remember when you last felt joyful, relaxed and excited about your life? Do you sometimes feel that your working life is a day-to-day grind and just a little bit pointless?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then “Bootcamp for the Brain” just might be for you!

  • Exercise your brain for peak performance and recovery
  • Learn what stress really is and how to manage unhelpful or chronic stress
  • Gain control over worries and rumination
  • Get a better night’s sleep
  • Bounce back from life’s challenges
  • Develop a self-care plan that works for you
  • Regain joy, purpose and positivity about life

“Sue was such a ball of energy and had a great way of making every topic relatable! Bringing a touch of humour to the room and keeping us all engaged. I took so much from the ‘Building Resilience for Peak Performance’ workshop or ‘Bootcamp for the Brain’. It has really made me think, and given me tools to change the areas of my life that cause me stress and leave me feeling exhausted”.

More Info

Calm down: whaddya mean calm down?!?!

July 20, 2019

How does your brain look and behave when it is stressed? Neuroscientists have taught us how chronic stress exacts a heavy toll on body and brain. The amygdala is very good at what it does. It’s like the Work Health & Safety officer of the brain. If we take the smoke alarm analogy, we know that when…

So what can I do to calm my brain and manage stress?

July 19, 2019

Good question, so glad you asked it.

There is evidence that chronic stress can rewire the brain (remember Norman Doidge’s “Plastic Paradox”). When humans experience prolonged stress we have less activity in the prefrontal cortex, where…

Neuroscience: You CAN teach an old dog new tricks

July 18, 2019

A major focus of our work in recent years – with clients and in our training programs -, has been the remarkable development in neuroscience and the wonderful information we now have about the amazing human brain. Neuroplasticity is the ability of our brains to…

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