Building Resilience in Mind and Body: Reclaim Your Life From Stress, Suffering and Emotional Pain

Author: Sue Read with Julia O'Boyle

About Us

About Sue

Sue Read is a former elite athlete who has competed nationally and internationally in weightlifting as well as athletics (discus and javelin), gaining several titles and records – that still have not been broken! She was also a member of the Australian National Women’s soccer team – the Matildas – and played as a Goal Keeper. In life after sport, Sue is a Psychologist who founded a successful psychology and consulting company: “Life Unlimited Health Solutions” in Canberra, Australia. She has delivered “Bootcamp for the Brain” to thousands of people in workshops and seminars all over Australia and overseas.

About Julia

Julia O’Boyle is the co-Director of Life Unlimited Health Solutions. She is a Mental Health Social Worker and can be found there providing therapy and counselling to clients, managing the office and wrangling Jack the Office Dog. Julia works closely with Sue to ensure that “Bootcamp for the Brain” (and all our other workshops) remains contemporary, up-to-date and backed by latest research in psychology and neuroscience.

“Sue is vibrant, present and funny. At last a meaningful PD that hits the spot exactly!”
Department of Education

And then there's Jack

Jack is our chief “Meeter and Greeter”, and therapist-in-training. He is a chocolate Labrador, with a “blaze” of white on his chest. Jack is a very happy and “chilled” addition to our team, and can often be found asleep on the rug in a counselling room, or when no-one is looking, on the couch in the waiting room. He loves our clients, but is slowly learning to understand that not everyone is as happy to see him as he is them! He understands that there are some humans who have allergies to dogs, and asks that clients let the office humans know ahead of their appointment so he can stay out of the way when they arrive.